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Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress to Suit Your Figure

by Admin Micaah on January 17, 2019  in bridesmaid dressBridesmaid dresses



Selection of breathtaking and alluring bridesmaid dresses can sometimes be a lot of hassle. It can be intimidating but fun at the same time. Agreed, it requires a lot of efforts to come up with a dress that actually compliments your body and figure, but if you take care of a few things you can end up with the best bridesmaid dress there is. Following are the few considerations you need to take care of, while choosing your universally flattering bridesmaid dresses as every bridesmaid needs to feel confident and beautiful:

Begin with Highlighting your Strong Points

In order to feel confident and better about yourself, start by focusing on every curve of your body in an optimistic way. Not every woman has the same size. For instance, if you have a bosom to flaunt you can always consider going for a V-neckline. This mesmerizing bridesmaid dress from Micaah would look absolutely stunning and would complement your body’s features.

Women who have a very straight figure should try focusing on the dresses with a fitted waist.  An empire waisted dress will look absolutely gorgeous on a bridesmaid with an apple-shaped body. Sweetheart necklines are a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses as it produces the illusion of more up top and enhances the beauty of every figure.

Right color scheme

Not every color of dress settles on all tones of skin. Choosing a right and accurate color that compliments your skin stone is the key to have a gorgeous look.

Talking length

Bridesmaid dresses are often seen and found in cocktail length, tea-length or floor-length. Bridesmaid who are conscious about their legs can choose full-length or floor length dresses. Ones who like their ankles but are insecure about their upper legs can go for tea-length. And the bridesmaids who’re confident in showing off their legs can definitely try out the cocktail-lengths!



 The cuts of dress

One shoulder bridesmaid dresses can be the best choice for the bridesmaids with broad shoulders as this design of the dress will make the shoulders appear smaller than their actual size. Dresses with high-neckline would particularly work on the bridesmaids with bony collarbones. It would highlight their body features and give you a magnificent look.

Happy and smiling bridesmaids in flattering bridesmaids dresses with inner satisfaction and confidence are a big part of a successful wedding day. Choosing the right dress that fits all can be trouble. However, by remembering the tips mentioned above, you can easily find the best dress for your squad and stand by the side of the bride with style!