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How to Find the Perfect Spring Racing Dress

by Admin Micaah on January 17, 2019  in spring racing dressspring racing dressesspring racing fashion

Ladies, it's that time of the year again. It's time to get excited for our favourite season that is fast approaching. With only a few weeks to go to the festivities of the spring races, now is the time to ready yourselves and plan your spring racing dresses. We all know what a challenging process that is! From pursuing dress rules and respecting customs to keeping on trend with the latest and hottest styles and wanting to look unique, dressing for the races can really be a difficult task. You don’t have to worry though because we' have your back. From Derby Day and to Emirates Stakes, here's how to slay at the races this year.

Derby Day fashion Essentials

Derby Day is focused on looking stylish and elegant in dark and light. Probably the most elegant of ladies on this day have a tendency to be either mostly white or mainly black as patterns and images can look intimidating in the monochromatic palette. Although dark hues of black can look dreary for spring, for Derby Day, it is a fine choice. White, on the other hand, has a pleasant and fresh charm that works great in sunlight. Whichever shade you select, make sure to choose a dress with a distinctive silhouette, textured cloth or garment details that stand out. Bell sleeves, light feathers, and complimentary fastenings are your friends this year and can help you add that little extra to your dress. For headwear, leave the fussy attires at home and choose a sleek, brimmed head wear instead.


Spring Racing Dress

Melbourne Cup Day Fashion Essentials

For the competition that has the entire country at the edges of their seats, all the ladies want spring racing dresses that stand out from afar. Melbourne Cup Day is the perfect day to introduce different hues into your clothing and accessories. Don’t be afraid to be glamorous and choose vivid hues of yellow, green or crimson. Your costume should make an instantaneous fashion statement, so get as creative as you can. Keep the silhouette sharp and defined but choose a dress with original design details. Ruffles, flounce, statement sleeves, and laser cut details are winners for the 2017 season. Also watch that your hemline doesn't land too much above your leg and steer clear of strapless styles and anything with glitter or sequins. You intend to look festive and stylish, not like you're heading for the club!



Crown Oaks Day Fashion Essentials

Crown Oaks Day is focused on expressing your individual style. Whether you have a favorite color, silhouette, style or theme (antique looks are exquisite for Oaks Day!), today is yours to showcase your look within the variables of the competition. Oaks Day is better suited to delicate pastels and muted hues. Select a block shade in a trendy, feminine tone or opt for floral patterns. In the event that you do choose from floral spring racing dresses, keep your attire modern with simple, uncluttered designs. For the fabric, something delicate and form-flattering that rests gently against your body is perfect.



Emirates Stakes Day fashion Essentials

Emirates Stakes Day is your day on the race calendar where we start to see the widest variety of looks and styles. Unstructured spring racing dresses, complex additions, and lighthearted silhouettes are perfect go-to options for Stakes Day. Just forget about personalized designs and choose softer silhouettes that ruffle in the wind and glide over curves instead of highlighting them. Complete your dreamy look with a trendy selection of pumps, wedges, or even stylish flats, and a proper headpiece.



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