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Dress Necklines & Hairstyles: Style Diaries

by Admin Micaah on January 21, 2021  in Dress necklines and hairstylesStyle advice

How to pair the right hairstyle with your dress neckline

There are a number of different factors to consider when pairing the perfect hairstyle with your dress neckline. As we all know, different necklines draw attention to different features of our bodies, sometimes subtly and sometimes inconspicuously. Depending on what look you are trying to achieve, your hairstyle brings the look all together seamlessly so that you look charming, head to toe. Micaah brings to you our favourite hairstyles with the 4 main necklines; the high neck, the V-neck, the off-shoulder and the "enduring" neck i.e. more abundant necklines that have been around since the dawn of time!


The High Neck

Hairstyles with High Neck Lines Hairstyles with High Necklines

The high neck is just that, a neckline that comes close to, if not up onto the actual neck. The High Neck dress accentuates the shape and structure of your shoulders, chest, neck and even your face. It is important not to hide the neck with your hair to prevent a suffocated look & so this sensual area is further highlighted. Your face is also a focal point with this neckline, so a hairstyle that brings out your features works well.


  • Pulled back, low bun: Takes most of your hair out of your face whilst  fringing frames your features nicely and adds softness. 
  • Sleeked or textured pony: Takes your hair up into a very interesting style that emphasises your cheekbones and neck and also allows the high neck dress to speak for itself.
  • Large, high-set bun: When you want that regal, queen look, a large, high-set bun does wonders and allows your face and the dress to shine.
  • Braided, side set bun: For high neck dresses with a solid colour or with elements such as lace or tassel fringing, a braided side-set bun adds femininity and gracious glamour to your demeanour.


The Vee Neck

Hairstyles with v necks Hairstyles with v-necks

Whether it's a shallow V or a deep plunge, the V-neck is a very popular choice when it comes to special event dresses and gowns. Choosing a hairstyle that will both compliment the dress and frame your face will round off the entire aesthetic.  As widely known, the Vee (or V)-Neck is a sultry neckline that draws attention to the feminine figure and sensual neck area. With the v-neckline, hairstyles with waves soften the overall look whilst also providing glamour and body. The type of occasion plays a part in choosing the right hairstyle with this cut, for example, for your birthday party, wear your hair out but for a ball or black-tie event, swept into a sleek middle-parted bun adds elegance & sophistication.


  • Middle parted, open, waved locks: Voluptuous and set-out free like your spirit, this look is fun, flirty and frames your face and chest area with femininity.
  • Middle parted, low-set bun: For that red-carpet, black tie event, a bun takes you to the next level of finesse and class whilst showing off your features uninhibitedly. 
  • Side swept, with waves: For a touch of ooh-la-la, tighter waves with a stronger side part and brushed to sit over one-shoulder show off the neck and plunge whilst looking elevated and ready to impress.
  • Wispy braided bun with side part: When the look isn't only to send off sultry vibes, a textured or braided bun with a side part adds gentility.


The Off-Shoulder Neck

Hairstyles with off-shoulder necklines Hairstyles with off shoulder necklines


The off-shoulder neckline is one of our favourites for its elevated aesthetic and undeniable ability to immediately uplift your look! Off-shoulder necklines, whether both shoulders are exposed or just one, are very flattering, adding interest and distinction. With this neckline, hairstyles that allow one or more shoulders to remain exposed lend gracefully to the look while showing off collar bones & the neck too. If the off-shoulder design is combined with ruffles or extra design details, more simple and clean hairstyles lend better and make the dress pop.


  • Pulled back wispy bun with fly-aways: Makes sure your shoulders are accentuated whilst bringing sweetness and ladylike vibes.
  • Low pony with framing fringe: As the pony falls on the back of the neck, this style gives your look dynamism, looking different from various angles.
  • Side part, with side-set bun: girly, ethereal and oh so cute whilst drawing attention to your collar bones.
  • Left out, fixed side swept waves: for obvious reasons this allows your shoulders, neck and collar bones to shine yet gives your aesthetic fullness and impact. 


The 'Enduring' Neck

Hairstyles with Round, Square, sweetheart or boat necklines Hairstyles with popular necklines

Enduring necklines refer to styles that have withstood trends and time such as the round, square, sweetheart and boat neck. These are versatile and a large range of hairstyles are suitable with dresses that have these necklines. The material and colour of the dress are also factors to consider. As these styles of neckline are more traditional, they do well paired with more interesting and intricate hairstyles to give the overall look more panache.


  • Volumptuous Hollywood Waves: A timeless hairstyle to elevate your look radically, taking you from just-out-of-bed to red-carpet ready. Adds theatre and body to the aesthetic.
  • Textured, brushed back braids or styled plaits: Are intricate and so very pretty, adding the right kind of demure (just aesthetically!) and sweetness.
  • Half up, half down: The possibilities are endless! Experiment with different textures and styles and even combine them together to add edge and dynamism.
  • Textured bun with face framing: Timeless and almost always a good idea when trying to achieve a pretty look.


Now there you go! Our suggested hairstyles with our favourite necklines. We hope this helps you decide what look to go for at your next special event. We know we have the perfect dress for you to wear to it sorted 😉 Shop All Dresses >>