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How to Pick the Right Colour Dress for You!

by Nas Dianati on January 06, 2021  in bridal shower dressFormal DressStyle Diaries

How to pick the right colour dress for you - Formal Dress color Prom Dress

Are you struggling to decide on what colour dress to wear for that special event coming up? Well, sit back and relax ladies because we at Micaah have put together our favourite colour pairings according to your skin-tone so you can choose the perfect Formal Dress, Prom Dress, Bridal Shower know the rest!

So when choosing your all-important dress, the predominant factor we need to take into account is your skin tone. On a general basis, we have categorised skin tones as either Warm or Cool. Let's find out which one you are...

How do we define Warm or Cool skin tones?

Warm Skin tones

With that sun-kissed glow vibe, those with warm skin tones have yellow, caramel or olive undertones which give off that slightly or strong golden hue. Think Rihanna, Zendaya, JLo, Beyonce.

Cool Skin tones

Whether you're a regal, melanin-queen or have an angelic, porcelain-doll complexion, those with cool skin tones have very white, rosey undertones or richly-pigmented tones such as dark-brown and black. Think Rooney Mara, Zara Larrson or Lupita Nyongo and Kelly Rowland.

Here are our recommendations for each skin tone:

Best Dress Colours for Warm Skin Tones - formal Dress Prom Dress Special Dress

Having the glowy tinge in Warm Skin tones beautifully compliments stunning, bright colours without looking too garish. A sophisticated look is also achieved by matching with sensual brown and gold shades which accentuate the luscious hues in this skin tone.


Best Colours for Cool Skin Tones

Very pale or melanin-rich skin tones are enhanced by pairing with sweet pastel hues or regal colours with shadowy undertones in order to prevent washing out features or clashing detractively. Colours like Gold balance out angelic cooler tones while neutralising the overall look. 

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Now that you know the perfect colours for you, let's find the dress that will make you Belle of the Ball! Find your perfect dress now >>