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What's Your Formal/Prom Dress Vibe?

by Admin Micaah on March 15, 2021  in Formal DressProm Dress

What formal dress or prom dress vibe are you


So your Formal or Prom is coming up and you're trying to decide what kind of look you will go for and what kind of vibe you want to embody. Maybe you're very feminine, maybe you like the vibe of simplicity better? Maybe you love the spotlight and maybe you love all things sparkly and glamorous. Well one thing is for sure, Micaah has the perfect formal dress or prom dress for you, no matter what your vibe is. We want to help you find the perfect gown for you so let's delve into styles and vibes and what Micaah can do for you!

1. The Feminine and Confident Vibe

You exude confidence and love showing off your lovely curves and figure. You don't mind standing out in the crowd and you pull off the more risque styles off oh so well. Styles that tend to suit this kind of vibe include dresses that are figure-hugging and have sultry material such as satin, mesh, lace and often incorporate features such as rich and bright colours, plunge necklines, off-shoulder sleeves, high leg slits for those toned legs and ruching. 

Here are some of our Formal Dress and Prom Dress suggestions for the Feminine and Confident Vibe.

Below: Jhenay in Green (left), Lavinia (centre) & Esmerelda (Right) 



2. The Glamour Queen

You stand out in a crowd and take the party from 50 to 100, baby! You aren't afraid of a little bling bling to make sure it's a CELEBRATION. Formal Dress and Prom dress styles that you're drawn to feature lots of sparkly embellishments and details to mark the special occasion. These embellishments are often beads and sequins and also feature out of the ordinary sleeves and designs that you are not afraid to flaunt! As well as vibrant colours, the glamour comes from the way you accessorise and style your hair and makeup as well.

Micaah has formal dress and prom dress styles that can bring all the glamour as can be seen below:

Kendall in Yellow (left), Hampton (centre) & Nisha (right).


 Hampton Sequins Gown (pre-order) Nisha Sequins Gown (pre-order)


2. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

You don't need much to shine because your personality brings your whole demeanour to life and brings everything out of your simple but absolutely stunning formal or prom dress. You don't need fancy details or fluro colours and the way you style your hair and accessorise is sleek and clean. Features that are characteristic of this style include dresses with only one colour, traditional necklines and dress shapes and also more traditional backs and sleeves. Although this vibe channels a lot of traditional aspects, there's nothing traditional about this look that doesn't need anything but your golden presence to bring it to the here and now.

Here are some Micaah styles that bring elegant simplicity right to the table.

Below: Cora (left), Mishka (centre) & Rio (right)

Cora Satin Gown - Wine Red Mariska Satin Gown - Navy Rio Gown - Emerald Green


No matter what your vibe and style is, Micaah can bring your vision to life with one of our perfect formal dress options, fit for the queen that you are!